Thursday, June 5, 2014

Two Perspectives Classes in NYC this Fall

There are two significant Perspectives classes being held in NYC this fall. The class in Woodside, Queens will actually be Perspectivas. That's right! The curriculum will be in Spanish and most instructors will be teaching in Spanish. For the instruction that will be taking place in English, equipment will be used so that people can have simultaneous translation in Spanish. This will be one of the first times a class like this has been held in the U.S. and will be strategic for mobilizing the Hispanic population to reach out cross-culturally and see the vital role they have in God's plan for the nations. Details are still being worked out on instructors for the class, but you can view registration information by visiting the class page.

Another significant Perspectives class will be hosted by Bethel Gospel Assembly in Harlem. They hosted last year but have taken a much more active role in the coordination of the class this year which has brought much excitement and momentum for the class. This will be an English-speaking/reading class. They have a great, diverse lineup of instructors for the class and you can register at their class page here.

Perspectives on the World Christian Movement is a catalytic course designed to equip the people of God to partner with Him in His mission to reach all peoples, tongues, tribes, and nations.  It presents the biblical, historical, cultural, and strategic aspects of fulfilling the Great Commission.
We encourage anyone who is serious about gaining a deeper understanding of God’s ultimate purpose in the world to attend this course. It is a discipleship experience which will help you discover your divine destiny as a disciple-maker. There will be a course held in Queens as well as in Harlem. For information about the course in Queens and to register visit the Perspectives site here. For information about the course in Harlem visit the Perspectives site here.

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