Tuesday, November 6, 2012

NYC Missionary Training School

Introduction to NYC-MTS
NYC Missionary Training School (NYC-MTS) is an August-May training program led by a multi-agency team of believers who are committed to starting churches among the unreached people groups of the world.  Over the past few years we have seen many come to Christ and have seen churches started in least evangelized countries as a result of our ministries.  Thousands of internationals from least evangelized countries come to New York City every year. These internationals represent the influential thinkers and policy makers of their nations.  Being away from home, many are more receptive to the Gospel message. Our focus is on making disciples among these people and training them to start reproducible churches here and when they return to their home country.  Ultimately, our desire is to see movements of national led churches established throughout the darkest corners of the world. NYC-MTS is cross cultural church planting training.  This program enables individuals to learn about the DNA of reproducible church planting, cross-cultural ministry, and the Gospel while working alongside experienced church planters. They will have opportunity to start discovery Bible studies and house churches among internationals or unreached people groups within New York City.

What will the year look like?

Dates:  Partcipants will need to arrive in NYC by August 1st, 2013 and the program runs through the
end of May…although people are more than welcome to stay indefinitely!

Orientation will last for approximately 4 weeks and involve trainings such as:
-Living in NYC
-Effective Team
-Church Planting Mentality
-Dealing with Theological Differences
-Philosophy of Ministry

Training throughout the year will include:
-Filling the Earth Seminar
-Reaching Internationals to Reach the World
-Discovery Bible Study Method
-Making Reproducible Disciples
-Evangelism with Muslims and Contextualization
-Chronological Bible Storying and Worldview Based Church Planting
- Strategy Coordinator Training
-Training for Trainers
-Coaching and Mentoring Workshop

Books and Articles: Throughout the year each participant will also read five to seven books and various articles, discussing how they relate to ministry and/or CPM. In addition to the above trainings, as mentioned earlier, additional Biblical coursework is offered to those who need to fulfill academic

House Church 
-Involvement in a house church community including: discipleship, leading meetings, ministering
within the community.
-Initiating house churches among internationals and/or unreached people groups within the city.

International Student Ministry 
-Leading 2-3 English groups on a university campus
-Leading 3-4 discovery Bible studies with international students
-Meet one-on-one with students for relational evangelism

Muslim Ministry
-Conduct and implement a strategic field survey of a Muslim neighborhood
-Develop a plan for reaching this Muslim community
-Build relationships within this community
-Start discovery Bible studies

For more information and flyer click here or contact Chris Clayman at cclayman@globalgates.info or Brad Wall at bwall@globalgates.info.

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